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About us

Professional competence

My name is Mattia Rosa. I passed the exam as geometrician at the I.T.C.G. „G. Floriani” in Riva del Garda.
Afterwards I gained some experiences at several building companies in the valley.
In 2003 I took up an employment at the agency “Prima Casa” in Riva del Garda.
In 2007 I took the exams as real estate agent and was enlisted in the Register of Estate Agents of the C.C.I.A.A. (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) of Trento with the Registration Number 1355.


In 2009, after the enlistment in the business register I decided to practice as real estate agent in Ledro Valley.
In 2010, on December 10th, I opened the office of my agency Ledro Immobiliare, Piazza G. Garibaldi in Bezzecca.
I have chosen Bezzecca as head office because Bezzecca is situated in the center of Ledro Valley and leads into Concei Valley.
The agency Ledro Immobiliare acts basically in Ledro Valley on the sector real estate business and renting.

Ledro Valley

Ledro Valley extends from east to west in the southwestern part of Trentino between Lake Garda and Lake Idro at an attitude of about 650 meters above sea level.
The atmosphere of the valley, encircled by woods, is quiet and relaxing and offers ideal conditions for exercising a variety of sportive activities.
Here you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Ledro and its beaches, as well as pedal on its bicycle paths or its various and charming trails that made Ledro Valley so famous in the world of Mountain Biking.
The valley is particularly interesting regarding the natural scientific aspect and its interesting excursions into nature. A network of CAI-SAT marked trails allows you to venture yourself on trekking tours of different levels of difficulty and various lengths.
Furthermore, Ledro Valley is an interesting region with regard to the sector real estate:
It is possible to purchase real property as a secondary residence, as well as a profitable investment especially during the summertime, thanks to the touristic reputation of the valley. Many even decide to purchase their principal residence in Ledro Valley and consequentially move here in order to enjoy a high standard of living.
With this introduction I would like to welcome all those to my website who are in search of a real property in Ledro Valley in order to find the most convenient offer to their desires.